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my 7 year old son is getting blood strains while he passes stool in alternative days ?


blood strain in stool for 7 year old boy.but not always.
i noticed it happends only when he skips a day without passing stool for some reason
so..please let me know whats the reason and why …?and is it a serous matter to be care about

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How many people go to Lourdes every year? How many of them are “miraculously” healed?


Is this percentage significantly higher than unexplained recovery among the control group – people that don’t go to Lourdes?

Posted a few minutes ago:

” many hundreds [of miracles] have occurred at famous healing shrines like Fatima and Lourdes. No claimed miraculous healing is listed as such until it is confirmed by a board of medical experts, which sometimes take several years of investigation to rule out all possible likelihood of fraud, and every possible natural cause for the healing that occurred.”

Bonus question: can you give an example of a case where every possible natural cause – known and unknown – were ruled out?

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