Parkinson disease treatment ?

What is an Alternative Medicine for Parkinson disease ?

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  • massage therapist says:

    Here is a very interesting book It is worth looking into…

  • NA says:

    I just ran across something i have not researched yet, it is called g-therapy. just search it out. along with support groups
    you may wish to go to and check and see what he has going on

    i know there are some meanspirited people out here, but if you can understand they are that way to everyone, not just you, it may help you. I see them everywhere, a lot at YA, although there are some that are good people.
    Here is a free method to help heal yourself also and therapists. click on ‘get started free’ I know it requires some coordination, but you could work it out with someone as needed.
    Support groups at and many others.
    Bring some good people into your life.
    Take care
    The other day I saw someone with parkinsons disease and just spontaneously said ‘hi’, he was so shocked it seemed like forever before he could even respond. that was really sad to me.
    Have a good day , anyway.

  • janie says:

    I tried to answer this yesterday but my computer frozen and would not work so because I think this info can help you, I am trying again today.

    Please Download this manual containing the work of Dr Richard Schulze who cured the incurables including Parkinson’s. when the manual says herbalist, it is talking about Dr Richard Schulze as this is the same in in the save your life manual word for word but this version had a lot more pages 1344 compared to the one that is about 700 pages and also contains other healers. But it is Dr Richard Schulze’s incurables program you want to get on and in addition do the things recommended in this book on the pages and chapter 32 below.

    Go to the chapter on nervous system the whole thing as the info would apply to various diseases like myastenia gravis, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s etc.

    It start in chapter (lesson) 32 starting at page 803 (continues into chapter 33)

    page 289

    page 844-848

    page 924-925

    page 928- 931

    page 1244

    page 1257

    page 50 tells the kind of nutritional yeast you want when he talks of it in chapter 32

    might also want to read chapter 25, 26 and 27 and lesson 21 (immune system tinctures are needed by the people with nerve system degenerative diseases. some immune system herbs are organic echinacea tincture and organic astragalus. also raw garlic helps boast immunity

    Also be sure to read chapter 1-9 for foundational info especially chapter one and 2. Better yet, read chapter 1 at the link I will provide of the similar but smaller manual as this one contains Dr Schulze’s amazing biography after his teacher Dr Christopher mentioned in the bigger manual where he leaves out Schulze. (I heard he ad a falling out with Schulze and maybe that is why he does not mention his name much and leaves out his biography so go the the link I will email you if you can be emailed or email me and you will need to watch the videos to know how to do the program and for more info on nerve disorders and how to do things etc. This set of manual and videos originally cost $435 and is now out of print and hard to find but I can send you the free links to them and the downloads if you email me ..If you are able to be emailed I will just send it to you or others who may need it

    and chapter 33-35 and 37 to increase one’s knowledge

    Also I would recommend going on a 85-100% raw, vegan, whole food (non processed real food as nature gives it) The hallelujah diet given at the website is full of many healing testimonies (see the library tab)
    and by going there tothe tab hallelujah diet one sees what foods are to be eaten and are considered raw. Of course, 100% raw is better (at least for a year or so) and is in fact a part of the incredibles save your life program as well as lots of juicing and juice fasting

    Be sure to use a juicer and take the juice with no pulp or food for at least 30 minutes as then it goes to healing and repair (the vital elements like atoms, molecules, enzymes and nutrients and are directly assimilated in 30 minutes or less. When one uses fresh juice with the pulp or with food, most of the elements benefits go to digestion and not to healing. One can, if not on a current juice fast, use the pulp later for say applesauce or veggie soup etc just not at the same time when you take the juice. be sure to chew the juice. Be not hold over in the refrig as the enzymes start dissipating within 15 minutes so drink it quickly.

    Also I recommend in addition to the full and complete incurables program (given in lesson 2 or found on the site curezone in brief under the Schulze tab), the things and herb formulas and nerve stimulators and vitamin b foods he says to take, the immune herbs, the occasional nerve relaxers (usually only at bed or if one gets too wired), the antispasmodic herbs and the nerve regeneration herbal formula as well as the things he says to do in lesson 32/33 like colon cleansing, bodywork etc as well as the 100% raw, vegan whole food diet juicing and juice fasting, also take in green juices and green smoothies.

    to make these one mixes fruit with greens. If masking a juice use a juicer and take in no pulp at same time or ever if on a juice fast at the time. if making a green smoothie, use a blender or vitamix and ok to add the pulp, water and ice if desired even raw honey if needed.

    Put in some water in a blender (or juice) a fruit like bananas, pears, peaches, apples, berries, mango, young coconut with coconut water, lemon or whatever you want.

    Then add your green leafy veggie from the list below.

    Be sure to alternate the kind of green you use every day or two (very important as an overload of it day after day can make one sick due to plant chemicals.

    Choose any or one of these: kale, collard greens, beet tops, carrot greens, daikon or radish tops, beet greens. Swiss chard, spinach, romaine, green leafy lettuce or dark lettuce (not iceberg head lettuce though), watercress, parsley. bok choy, celery, broccoli, any Asian market green, safe wild greens like the leaves of strawberries, daisies, clover etc, plantain (grow everywhere in lawns and parks), lamb’s quarter (commonly found as a garden weed), burdock, cleavers, dandelion green, purslane etc

    Finally, I would be sure no chemical imbalance is taking place by getting one’s omega three fats to omega 6 fatty acids in a one to one balance, the average Americans gets about 50 times more omega 6 than omega 3 fats.,\

    avoid all trans fats and hydrogenated fats as found in fast foods oils and margarine and many mayos etc (use vegenaise it taste good and is healthful. I like the grapeseed oil vegenaise (health food store dairy case). Also greatly reduce or stop veggie oils like safflower, sunflower, soybean and other omega 6 fats.

    To increase the omega 3 fats, if not a vegan take fish oil; (at least 4000-6000 mg) or take fatty cold water fish,. Though nearly all seafood has some omega 3 fats, the highest sources are canned or fresh (use wild caught never farm raised as this fish feed by man has little to no omega 3 fats) salmon, mackerel, herring, anchovies, and/or sardines.

    If using a plant source of omega three fats the best is chia seeds which is also sold as salba online or at whole foods. This is a superfood and contain s about 2800 mg per tbs and it easily mixes with any liquid or slightly wet food like in salad dressing etc. Use it raw. It also cuts calories and will swell up with a gel around it of whatever it is mixed with making no changes in the taste of a dish.

    Other plant sources are flax seeds (be sure they are fresh ground and raw), flax seed oil (not cooked–store in the freezer, raw walnuts and purslane.

    hopefully this health building program will help you with this disease. I you have questions, please email me and do email me for the link to the videos by Dr Schulze as these are needed to do the incurables program well.

    His products can be found at His student, Dara, makes comparable formulas somewhat cheaper at healmarketplace,com or you can make them when the formula is given in the manual using bulk organic herbs and 80-100 proof vodka (instructions in the manual and videos which is the cheapest way (note the supertfood is one part each herbs and then measure it all and add equal parts of nutritional yeast so end result is 50% yeast and the rest is the other combined herbs).

    Also look around for help at and shirley’s wellness cafe. (by the way, type raw foods in search at shirley’s and scroll down to the rat experiment study for some benefits of raw foods which is key to healing.

    when using herbs never use capsules as they are rarely absorbed, Use tinctures (liquid extracts that come in dark bottle with eyedropper p (look at herbpharm for what they look like when buying at a health food store or online) Be sure they are organic or wildcrafted as these are 7-10 times higher in the pytochemicals that cure and prevent disease. Tinctures are immediately absorbed bypassing digestion. the menstrum (grain alcohol) extracts more of the healing phytochemicals that prevent and cure disease. 2nd best are organic herbs or ones you pick in safe areas made into teas ..use distilled water. if a heard plant parts like roots, bark, hard berries, boil for 20 minutes in the distilled water. for soft plant parts like leaves and flower or soft berries, steep with boiling water poured over it. see the save your life manual at the link I will email you to read the introduction chapter 1 and also read the chapter on herb quality.

    If I cannot email you please send me a message and maybe an email address so I can send you this link or temporarily allow people to email you (but I am going out of town this week soon)

  • Cathlin says:

    I would like as much info about Dr. Schulze’s incurables program and any other info you can provide.
    Thank you and many blessings

  • Lisa Ray says:

    Please forward me information from Dr. Schulze which explains how to cure Parkinson’s.

    Thank you 🙂


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