Boll Weevils in Cancer Treatments?

I believe in “alternative medicine” and am curious to know if anyone has heard of a treatment in which Boll Weevils are used?
the webpage from Dr.W did not work….
I am looking to buy the boll weevils NOT eradicate them…
I believe in GOOD MEN, Dragons and other MAGICAL CREATURES…..
JOKE…Get it?

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  • Tarkarri says:

    The only link I have been able to find is that the chemical used to eradicate them can be carcinogenic.

  • Noidea says:


    Boll weevils are just as effective in treating cancer as the ear of a stoat and the eye of a newt. I think I read this in a handbook written by one of the witches from “Macbeth”.

  • Denisedds says:

    We practice evidence based medicine in this country and once alternative treatments are proven to work they are no longer alternative. Answer questions here long enough and you hear all kinds of crazy things, but I have never heard of using any bug to treat cancer.

    EDIT: I think I uncovered the problem – according to the description of yourself you also believe in Dragons, Good Men and other Magical Creatures.

  • msbee74 says:

    yes I have heard of them, I have a friend from Honduras

  • msbee74 says:

    Yes I heard of them, I have a friend from Honduras who sister had cancer and none of the modern medicine was helping so she started to eat the weevils, and now she’s in remission. my friend brought some back to the states

  • Awla says:

    I heard that, the weevils can treat diabetes, if this is true let me know please.

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